Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Birth of a Novel

Dear Readers,

I am excited to announce the publication of my new Kindle ebook, THE GREEN PEARL CAPER. This novel is the first in a series of Damien Dickens mysteries and is set in Atlantic City in the summer of 1979. The story begins with the following Prologue:

I killed Celine. A couple of teenagers found her body last Sunday morning, half-hidden under the Boardwalk, a single bullet hole through her chest. The bullet came from my Smith & Wesson 29, the gun found on the beach not far from where Celine lay.
It wasn’t my finger that pulled the trigger. I wasn’t there when she died. Even so, I killed her. She came to me for help; I had bailed her out of a tight spot in the past, and she trusted me. But, this time, I let her down. I didn’t believe she was really in danger. I screwed up, and Celine paid the price. She was murdered, and it’s my fault.
Celine walked into my office on July 16, 1979. Less than one week later, she was dead.


  1. Phyllis, I'm stopping by from The Shark's blog to wave a paw and say hi!

    I wish you much success with The Green Pearl Caper!